Complete focus helped Suren get gold medal at international Olympiad

Suren, a 17-year-old Hisar resident, made his family proud by winning a gold medal in the International Olympiad for Astronomy and Astrophysics, which featured teams from 52 countries.

Suren attended a CBSE school in his hometown for his early education. Both of his parents work for the government and have a strong interest in science. "My father has a biology background, and my mother has a mathematics background. "As a result, both supported and encouraged me in my pursuit of an Olympiad," he says.

Experiment with Olympiads

Suren's mother first exposed him to Olympiads while he was in eighth grade. "I couldn't clear any round because I didn't have any prior expertise or instruction." The type of questions on the exam, on the other hand, sparked my interest. As a result, I enrolled in a four-year weekend classroom programme at a Delhi-based coaching institute in class IX. "Every weekend, I would drive to Delhi with my father to attend lessons," he recalls.

Suren’s mother introduced him to Olympiads in class VIII. “With no prior experience or training, I was unable to clear any round. However, the type of questions in the exam piqued my interest. Thus, in class IX, I joined a four-year weekend classroom programme at a Delhi-based coaching institute. Every weekend, I would travel with my father to Delhi to attend the classes,” he says.

Passionate about Maths, Suren qualified for the national Olympiad in Maths in class IX. However, he was not able to crack the test. “Even in class X, I could not crack the second level of the regional Olympiad. In class XI, with focus towards preparing for JEE along with the Olympiads, I shifted to Delhi and started living with my grandparents,” he says.

Going international

In class XI, Suren participated in the Maths Olympiad and senior Science Olympiad, which represents three independent tests in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Astronomy. He cleared the national level Olympiad for both Maths and Astronomy. “We could only attend the national camp for one Olympiad, so I chose Maths. Unfortunately, due to Covid, India did not participate in the international Olympiad, so I had to wait,” he says.