Future Innovations 2023

From new healing rituals and hygienic homes to creatives pioneering in robotics and the metaverse, we present 12 areas of innovation that will change the way we design, consume and connect in 2023 – and how to use them to future-proof your business

Executive summary

In this report, we identify 12 need-to-know areas of innovation so you can future-proof your business and prepare for key changes within culture, design and technology.

  • Healing As Habit: healing will be an essential, ongoing concern, as long-term social and environmental challenges cause consumers to focus on recuperative rituals

The Mindfulness exhibition at Piknic gallery in Seoul in 2020 offered a two-hour experience designed to encourage visitors to focus on their inner selves and enjoy the present moment

  • The Great Indoors: the home will continue to offer a sanctuary space, growing into a wider ecosystem of activities and products – from ‘offline-wear’ to designs that provide protection

Textile designer Pallavi Padukone's ReminiSCENT range draws on aromatherapy, using scents such as jasmine, rose, clove and vetiver to trigger feelings of calm and comfort

  • Science Will Save Us: as consumers place their hope in science, there will be a new appetite for moonshot moments. Now is the time for investing in R&D to drive serious brand ambition