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2021 World Of WearableArt Awards Competition

The WearableArt Awards World Competition 2021 is now open for entries!

CALL FOR ENTRIES: The World WearableArt Awards Competition 2021 (WOW), the most prestigious competition for wearable art, has recently been opened for entries and, like every year, invites submissions from all designers, artists and creators everywhere to bring the worlds that exist in their minds to life.The WearableArt Awards World 2021 Exhibition, the world's leading competition for wearable art, is now calling for entries!

World of WearableArt is about taking art and decorating the body, so your design should concentrate on considerations about the human form and using the body as a base.

For 2021, the competition includes six sections:

Aotearoa - There is a strong sense of location in New Zealand itself. In order to honor who we are as individuals and what makes us proud, draw on that. Our freedom to our innovations, from our diverse cultures and history to our landscapes. Display us, as you see us, New Zealand and New Zealanders.

Avant-garde: An unconventional, progressive and unorthodox world; a revolt against the standard. Dare to defy the limitations of fashion and produce a work that is cutting-edge, denying the originality of the ordinary and nurturing.

Open—A world without thematic constraints that allows you maximum freedom to explore and develop your own design. Your imagination is the only limit.

Architecture - There is so much in common between architecture and fashion. Forms such as plane, structure and texture are all combined, and unique materials are discussed and how they can drape, fold, fold and wrap. Be influenced by both past and present visionary architects, and use the human body as an architectural canvas to construct a piece of architecture to be worn as wearable art.

Monochromatic - Colors play an important role in our lives; they are capable of influencing our thoughts and moods in a way that few other things can. For instance, purple can be associated with knowledge, mystery and magic; yellow can symbolize pleasure, energy and enlightenment. Consider the different meanings that colors symbolize. Build a monochromatic weara work using your choice of one color

Elizabethan Era - The era of Elizabeth I is one of the most interesting periods in English history, sometimes referred to as the 'golden age'; a time of discovery, new ideas and new thought. Poetry, music and literature, magic and superstition, science and technology, astrology, social status and class conflicts are several different facets of this chapter of history. The inspiration for your formation may be all of these. What influences and inspiration are you going to draw from the Elizabethan period?

Guidelines for submission:

Anything that is wearable art, as long as it is original, imaginative and well performed, will find a place on the stage.

When making a piece of wearable art, what to consider?

You must create a full garment in order to join. It will not consider drawings and sketches. If you wish, an entry will consist of up to 3 garments.

Your clothing must be safe to wear and make it easy for the model to see, breathe and move clearly when wearing

Unless properly handled, you should not use perishable products.

Your garment must not exceed 3 metres in length.

Criteria of Evaluation:

Originality and Innovation


Quality of Construction

Health and Safety

Performance Potential

Finalist garments are showcased in a spectacular stage show held in Wellington, New Zealand attracting an audience of around 60,000 people.

There is no entry fee to participate!

Who can participate?

The WearableArt Awards World Competition is open to anyone from anywhere around the world over the age of 18 (as of 26 March 2021). Designers may take part in the worlds of fashion, textile or industrial design, jewellery, architecture, engineering, sculpture and painting.


There are 33 awards and prizes available in 2021, including the prestigious Supreme WOW Trophy.

The Competition offers you the opportunity to experience unique residencies and internships with multinational creative enterprises, to experiment with new strategies and technology and to draw on professional portfolios of designer work, as well as a cumulative prize pool of over $ 185,000 (NZD).


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