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Acclaimed Life Coach Neethu Gowda turns author with her book ‘I Once Lived’

Acclaimed Life Coach Neethu Gowda, best known as a Tarot Card Reader has dazzled her fans with her debut novel ‘I Once Lived’ recently. The book is especially relevant today when we have been battling not just a pandemic but also battling life and relationships.

Announcing her book release from Bengaluru, the author says, “Covid was hard for all of us, but it was harder for those who lost their loved ones. It created a sense of terror in all of us as we witnessed the fragility of human life as death took the center stage. This is just one side of the coin, on the flip side, what do you think of those people who actually went through death and drifted into the abyss? What were they feeling when they died? If given a chance to these passed-on souls, what would they say about their experience?”

I Once Lived, is a perspective of one such man who passed away due to covid, now as a soul reflects upon the life he lived, narrates his death experience and his after-life journey, in an attempt to show us all how living well is of paramount importance, and the impact it has on our death process and the journey beyond. I wish these powerful messages will permeate deep inside and re-direct us towards leading a more fulfilling & elated life.

Neethu is an Intuitive Tarot Reader, Spiritual Life Coach, Life purpose coach, and an empathic energy healer. She has been on her spiritual quest for over a decade and started offering her spiritual services in the past 4 years to help people find answers and assist them on their self-realization journey. To know more, visit her website


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