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Career in Designing

For both students and their parents, choosing the right career may be a troublesome job. After passing Class 12 or Class 10 exams, most of us go through this question. Career opportunities are comparatively simple for students who are taking technical courses or vocational courses, but for the rest, there is a lot of initiative and thought process involved.

  • Fashion Designing

  • Gemology

  • Interior Designing

  • Jewellery Designing

  • Visual Merchandising

by the team of theeducationindia Fashion Design

Clothing is regarded as one of life's fundamental necessities. We clothed ourselves in the beginning for safety from the natural elements, but new goals were incorporated as the times passed by. The definition of fashion now goes far beyond mere apparel. Fashion design has developed today as a fully-fledged industry.The profession is concerned with creating innovative and inspiring clothes that improve the individual's body, personality and character. For this field, one needs to have a passion for line, form, texture, color, drape and fabric. It is possible to split fashion design into three main branches: garment design, leather design, accessory design and jewellery design.


Gems have been regarded as symbols of riches, talismans, and adornments of gods, kings, and the rich since time immemorial. They have also been treasured for their magical powers. In India, 60 percent by value, 82 percent by volume and 95 percent of the cut and polished diamonds are processed, according to estimates. Gemology has also emerged as a very lucrative and satisfying career, considering the fact that India is the world's largest gold consumer and has excellent diamond cutting infrastructure. Gemology deals with gemstones as a subject of study. Gemologists identify, sort, and grade these stones, i.e., the practitioners. The scientific study of gems is concerned with gemology and deals with the occurrence, physical characteristics and identification of natural gems.

Interior Design

As the name suggests, it is the individual who, through spatial manipulation as well as surface treatment, shapes the experience of interior space. The interior designer relies heavily on his/her client's psychology, architecture, product contours, and obviously the furniture type. He, therefore, needs that extra dash of imagination, creativity and artistic touch. With the rise in nuclear family rooms, moves with a magic wand in his hands in the interior designer have earned a premium here, to keep everyone happy; to carve out individual space gelled with a group identity. Interior design is an innovative process that analyzes programmatic data, sets a conceptual direction, refines the direction of design, and creates graphic communication.

Jewellery Design

Immediately, you feel an urge to touch, to admire, when you see a spectacular piece of jewellery sitting on a graceful waist. Human beings have always had more than a passing interest in things lumped under the huge umbrella of jewellery. Then, of course, there's the old cliché continuously making the rounds in your head that only the son or daughter of a jeweler can do it in this field, and nobody else has room for it. This is where you're pretty wrong. As a career, jewelery design may have once been limited to traditional kaarigars (which mostly played the dual role of designer-cum-manufacturer) but with the worldwide upsurge that brought in its wake shifting expectations of what jewellery could mean to a woman; the demand for professionally trained and skilled jewellery designers came in line with international standards.

Visual Merchandising

In this business-retail-industry generation, visual merchandising plays an important role today. The professionals responsible for granting a face to every brand are Visual Merchandisers. Visual Merchandising (VM) is the art of presentation that conceptualizes designs and implements window and in-store displays for retail stores by Visual Merchandiser. This exercise educates the buyers, stimulates demand and eventually contributes to the process of selling. Merchandising is an environment in which the Indian textile and clothing industry needs adequate knowledge and expertise, particularly for small-scale businesses. This inadequacy in numerous national and international exhibits is best expressed in bad presentation/display and communication. #courses #designcourse #students


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