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Coreretreat's Taekwondo Belt-Promotion Test in Delhi

The Coreretreat And Wellness Center, in association with Sangrock Taekwondo Academy, and under the aegis of the MACE (Martial Arts for Culture and Education) has organised Belt Advancement Seminar and Test on 09th October 2022 at Jor Bagh Community Centre, New Delhi.

On this occasion, Grandmaster Abhai Singh graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. GM Singh, an 8 Dan black belt, has been teaching Taekwondo for the past 35 years and is the Director of a successful Martial arts Academy in North Carolina, USA.

Taekwondo, an Olympic sport, has been getting popularity due to its dynamism and also because of its effectiveness in self defense and counterattack in unarmed combat.

In order to progress in Taekwondo, a student has to go through promotion tests, in which the person demonstrates their skills in numerous aspects of Taekwondo in front of their teacher or a panel of judges. The Taekwondo belt grading system is designed for 2 main reasons, first to measure a person’s level at Taekwondo. Secondly, to enable fair competition that ensures the two competing players are at the same level.

As the student advances through the belts, they become adept in physical abilities including self defence. They learn to be disciplined and focused, while gaining confidence and a persevering spirit.


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