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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Courses, Colleges and Jobs

It is said that attracting a new customer costs five times as much as maintaining a current one. In a world where countless businesses vie for your attention, it is important for a business to build positive, mutually beneficial relationships with its customers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a field of study that focuses on this topic and equips management students with the necessary resources.

Difference between CRM and PR

CRM differs from public relations (PR) in that it focuses solely on establishing and sustaining relationships with individual clients and adjusting the company's services for greater customer satisfaction. PR handles the public image and presentation of the company to the consumer, while CRM focuses solely on developing and maintaining relationships with individual clients and modifying the company's services for greater customer satisfaction. Simultaneously, CRM will entail the development of databanks for forecasting sales patterns.

Main subjects studied under CRM

Customer Relationship Management, Consumer Behaviour, Sales & Distribution Management, Services Marketing, CRM in the Service Industry, Advanced CRM, B2B Markets and CRM, Marketing Research, and E-Business are the mainstays of CRM courses through universities and institutions across the world.


Students who complete the customer relationship management course will work in a variety of corporate roles such as Manager-Client Servicing, Customer Relationship Manager, CRM Specialist, Relationship Manager, Product Manager, and so on, and develop successful customer relationship management careers. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) course will give you the skills you'll need to progress in this area. With a postgraduate degree in customer relationship management, such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA), job opportunities in finance, science, and consulting are available in companies all over the world. Job in fields such as insurance, finance, and accounting may be lucrative.

In India, careers in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are primarily found in the banking, internet services, and e-commerce industries. CRM practitioners are also employed by businesses in the service and supply chain industries.

10 Colleges/Institutions in India for CRM

No. College/Institute

1 IIM - Ahmedabad

2 Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning - Pune

3 JK Business School - Gurgaon

4 XLRI Xavier School of Management - Jamshedpur

5 AEGIS Institute of Customer Experience Management - Coimbatore

6 Apeejay School of Management - New Delhi

7 Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning - Noida

8 Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning - Bangalore

9 Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning - Nashik

10 Indian Business School of Advanced Management Studies - Mumbai


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