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Delhi Govt's 'Business Blasters' Project For Students

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia stated on Thursday that the AAP administration is investing in India's economy by providing Rs 2,000 in seed money to 3.5 lakh kids in Delhi government-run schools as part of the 'Business Blasters' initiative, which is cultivating "future entrepreneurs." The Arvind Kejriwal government announced the 'Business Blasters' scheme earlier this week, under which seed money would be given to kids in grades 9 to 12, who must then invest it in tiny enterprises.

The only way to make India an economic powerhouse is to have an entrepreneurial mindset and the Aam Aadmi Party government is working on this, he said. It is mandatory for every student to take part in the 'Business Blasters' programme. It is not only for the students of commerce or business studies but also for those who study humanities and science, the deputy chief minister said. He said that with this project, the AAP government wants to address the problem of joblessness.

Sisodia claimed that India has 25 crore homeless people and lakhs of civil engineers who are unemployed. An entrepreneurial mindset would involve utilising the talent of these civil engineers for providing homes to the homeless and in a way invest in the country's economy, he said.

"You have 18 crore people who sleep without food every day and then you have unemployed youth from food science and agriculture university. We do not have a scarcity of farmland. The only thing missing is the mindset. We are working to create that bridge which is currently missing," the deputy chief minister stressed. About successful return on the investment of the seed money, he said it is a risk which the government has taken.

"The new education policy talks about taking risks and even the new age education says that children should be confident. As an education minister, I am ready to take the risk. We are giving Rs 2,000 seed money to children and giving them the freedom to invest it.


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