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Delhi University to Invite PM, President for Centenary Celebrations

As part of its year-long centenary celebrations, which begin on May 1, the Delhi University plans to invite either President Ram Nath Kovind or Prime Minister Narendra Modi to introduce its commemorative stamp and coin.

"The commemorative stamp and coin will be unveiled by either the President or the Prime Minister, as it will be the commemoration of a major milestone. The President is the university's Visitor "According to one of the sources.

On the anniversary, the university intends to issue a commemorative stamp, coin, and coffee table book.

Amarjiva Lochan, a Delhi University professor, was the first to propose the idea of a commemorative stamp and coin.

Lochan, who is also the joint dean of international relations, thought of filing for a commemorative stamp with India Post in September of last year.

Proposals for commemorative stamps should be submitted at least two years ahead of time in the prescribed format for review by the Philatelic Advisory Committee (PAC) and approval by the responsible authorities, according to standards.

"The catch was that you had to apply two years ahead of time for a commemorative stamp, and we only had nine months," Lochan explained. The institution will begin its centennial celebrations on May 1 this year.

He discovered that the two-year limit could be waived and wrote to the relevant department, talked with many officials, and visited the ministry about 25 times before the relaxation was finally granted. Lochan alerted Vice Chancellor Yogesh Singh of the proposal's waiver.

"He arranged a meeting with roughly 40-50 individuals three days later to discuss plans for the centennial celebrations, and I was present at that meeting. There were suggestions for a commemorative stamp, but the VC informed them that I had already started the process "he stated

Lochan was also named to the centennial celebrations committee as a co-convener.

He also attempted to seek a waiver on the stamp's mandatory payment.

"The mandatory amount for receiving the stamp is Rs 25 lakh, but I asked the officials to waive it for us. Although there was strong opposition to this demand, the waiver was approved in the first week of February "Lochan remarked.

Lochan said he made 100 trips to various officials over the course of seven months to obtain stamp approval.

"According to the rule, 3.5 lakh commemorative stamps are manufactured, with 1.75 lakh stamps being pre-purchased by philatelic organisations. I'm going to write to them and request that they print 10,000 stamps "he stated

An act of the then-Central Legislative Assembly created Delhi University in 1922.


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