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Five tricks to help simplify Algebra

Some tips and tricks, students can simplify Algebra problems:

1. Game-based learning: The concept of an equation can be explained by using hands-on physical models, balance and through interactive stories. Game-based learning encourages students to learn on their own, allowing them to understand a mathematical concept along with its practical application.

2. More clarity, more gains: Students should first clear their fundamental concepts before moving to practice. It is always suggested to start with finding the known and unknown.

For example, 3x2 -3 is an algebraic expression wherein 3x2, and 3 are two different terms.

In 3x2, 3 is the constant and x2 is the variable.

3. Visualise: Connect your thoughts to a visual memory and look at things from a mathematical lens. It is easier to remember things when associated with visuals.

4. Avoid common mistakes: Students should take note of usual misconceptions and errors. They should be careful while solving algebraic expressions and equations.

a. Avoid adding unlike terms: 2x and 3x are like terms; which can be added and subtracted.

b. Remember to change the signs while solving an equation and moving it to the other side of LHS or “=”.

5. Level up formula game: Students can use flashcards to distinguish between constants, variables, and other terms. Eg: FOIL (the acronym for first, outer, insider, last) method can support students to remember the order of steps while doing multiplication of binomial expressions.


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