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Hyderabad University offers diploma course in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The University of Hyderabad (UoH) offers an online Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning diploma programme (AI and ML). With the assistance of faculty from the School of Computer and Information Sciences (SCIS) and AAIC Technologies Pvt Ltd, the course will be provided through the Center for Distance and Virtual Learning (CDVL). This is a one-year online graduation programme with a virtual inaugral ceremony. According to the university, the main goal of the diploma course is to include a skill-based, tailored course that can help graduates and working professionals improve their industry-ready skills.

A total of 702 students have been accepted into the first batch. The curriculum is entirely online, with only a few touch classes conducted on campus or via virtual mode at the University of Hyderabad. Working professionals and students alike will enrol in this course. The course will cover the basics of machine learning and AI, as well as deep learning, Python ML&AI frameworks, and problem solving.

“Until now, AI has primarily been used by the private sector for commercial purposes,” said Chief Guest Dr Saraswat, a member of Niti Ayog, virtually addressing the event. The government's goal is to make AI available to all sectors of society.” He also mentioned that the government has agreed to concentrate its efforts on five areas: health care, agriculture, education, smart cities, and infrastructure, to name a few. He pointed out that AI&ML could be used in both positive and negative ways, so he urged instructors to emphasise its positive applications at any level of the learning process. He also noted that by the year 2035, workers would experience a workflow transformation, necessitating a better balance between humans and intelligent systems.


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