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ICAI Announces Opt Out Option For CA July Exam Candidates

On Monday, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) announced that Covid-affected students will be able to opt out of the CA Final, Inter, IPC, and PQC exams slated for July 5-20, 2021, as well as the CA Foundation exams scheduled for July 24-30. The institute issued admission cards for these exams earlier today.

Students who opt out of the May/July test cycle will be able to sit for the November exam cycle. According to an official announcement, “the last try of the previous course for Final and Intermediate (IPC) examinations shall be extended to November 2021 tests only for those students who are allowed to opt out from May/July 2021 examinations.”

The opt-out option will be available to students who test positive for Covid-19, as well as pupils who live in the same building as an infected family member — parents, grandparents, spouses, children, and siblings, according to the ICAI. Candidates must submit a Covid-19 positive RT PCR report from a government-approved laboratory to be eligible for the programme. The institute stated that it may verify reports and that students who submit fraudulent or forged reports may face severe consequences.

The ICAI notification states, "Examinees may note that Covid-19 positive RT PCR report shall be of a date that is on and after the date of release of this announcement to any date up to the conclusion of the examination..."

Examinees who opt out of one paper during the exam cycle would not be able to sit for the other papers, according to the institute. “If a student appears for the first group and then opts out before the end of the last paper of the second group, the first group's result will be announced, and the opt out option will only apply to the second group,” it continued.


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