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IIT Delhi Launches Universal Justice Foundation Lab Facility On AI For Judiciary

The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) has opened a lab on Artificial Intelligence for the Judiciary for the Universal Justice Foundation (UFJ). The UFJ lab at the institute was launched by Supreme Court Justice S Ravindra Bhat. Professor V Ramgopal Rao, the Director of IIT Delhi, praised the use of technology in the judiciary and announced that the institute has already established a Centre of Excellence for Law and Technology and is in the process of signing an agreement with the National Law University (NLU) Delhi to collaborate on a wide range of research and innovation activities, including joint projects and innovations.

The Director remarked, "IIT Delhi and NLU Delhi would collaborate closely on several elements of law and technology." Professor Krishna Deva Rao, Vice Chancellor (VC), National Law University Delhi; Dr Anil Wali, MD FITT, IIT Delhi; Professor Mausam, Professor Brejesh Lall, and Professor Nomesh Bolia from IIT Delhi were also present at the inauguration.

Former Chief Justice of India Justice (Retd.) K. G. Balakrishnan attended the event remotely and expressed his enthusiasm for IIT's decision to pursue data-driven study on the judiciary. Justice (Retd.) Poonam Srivastava also spoke at the ceremony and introduced the UJF.

“We must create controls around the use of AI for public functions, ensuring that the element of human discretion is maintained wherever it is required, and especially at each level where crucial decisions are taken. This ensures that, at the very least, discriminatory decisions can be challenged and accountability established.


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