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IIT Delhi to resume offline classes from January onwards

IIT Delhi is likely

to resume physical classes from January 2022 and will follow Covid precautions, V Ramgopal Rao, director, IIT Delhi, said.

He added that by November, IIT Delhi will have the first-year students attending in-person classes, and by January 2022, the institute aims to go back to the regular mode of teaching while abiding by all safety protocols.

According to Shantanu Roy, dean Academics, students will start onboarding into hostels in a phased manner in compliance with the precautionary measures.

He said further that if situations are conducive, it is hoped that the DDMA (Delhi Disaster Management Authority) will offer further relaxations. The move to actual classrooms will begin thereafter. All courses will however not be held in physical classrooms, immediately. The core courses in various disciplines will go offline first while the elective courses will be continued online.

Roy in a PTI report had said that the institute was discussing plans of conducting offline examinations in the future but a cap on 50% occupancy in classrooms will be always followed. He elaborated further that the mapping of classrooms, total number of students enrolled in a course, and the courses that are going to be prioritised, will be as per an elaborately worked out plan. Presently, classes will begin online.


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