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IIT Mandi Has Launched A Full Stack Development Certification Program

IIT Mandi has inaugurated the first batch of its professional certification programme in full stack development, the Post-Graduate Certificate in Full Stack Development, in collaboration with WileyNXT. According to an official, the seven-month programme is aimed for "next-gen developers to assist them in building end-to-end complete stack solutions based on industry standards and customer needs." The first batch of the programme has already registered over 40 students, according to the statement.

It was created “to give substantial hands-on and project-based learning experience, as well as capstone projects based on real business scenarios,” according to the curriculum. “As a career, Full Stack Development is emerging as the most difficult and rewarding. Full stack developers are in high demand since they are a tech-savvy career that combines front-end and back-end work. Today, full stack developers are employed by all IT, tech, and Fortune 500 firms.

Dr Satyajit Thakor, Assistant Professor, Institution of Computing and Electrical Engineering, said, "As a renowned technology school in India, we are committed to satisfying this demand by developing competent and ready personnel."

“We are pleased to have partnered with Wiley, another well-known and reputable brand with a history dating back over 200 years, to further our mutual goal of preparing a future-ready workforce,” says the company. WileyNXT is committed to reducing the talent gap by fostering skilling, upskilling, and professional development at all stages of a person's career. Wiley India's Managing Director, Vikas Gupta, stated, "Our goal is to help candidates and learners reach their maximum potential by building skills that are essential for any futuristic enterprise or workspace."


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