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In 100 new Sainik Schools, the Defence Ministry will provide scholarships to 50 students

Officials said on Wednesday that the defence ministry will grant fee support of up to Rs 40,000 per annum to a maximum of 50 students in class 6 of the 100 schools to be affiliated by the Sainik School Society under a new plan. The Union Cabinet approved the affiliation of 100 government and private schools in the academic year 2022-23 with the Sainik School Society under the Ministry of Defence on Tuesday.

According to officials, because the academic session in the new schools will begin with entrance to class 6, the scholarship will be for students enrolled in that class for the first year, and financial support will be gradually raised up to students in class 12.

According to officials, the scheme envisions providing a 50% fee scholarship subject to a maximum of Rs 40,000 per year for 50% of a class strength subject to a maximum of 50 students per year from Class 6 onwards to Class 12 on a "merit-cum-means basis" for 50% of a class strength subject to a maximum of 50 students per year from Class 6 onwards to Class 12 on a "merit-cum-means basis."

According to officials, the entire maximum spending on behalf of financial support will initially equal to Rs 20 lakh per class per school per year, resulting in grants of Rs 20 crore and Rs 40 crore for 100 schools in the first and second years, respectively. The Sainik School Society will ask the schools for reasonable fees, according to officials. Each of the 100 schools will be integrated into a state's existing Sainik school. There are currently 33 Sainik Schools operating throughout the country. According to officials, each school will have one retired armed forces officer in charge of school management, as well as ex-servicemen in charge of drills and various activities.

The titles of the schools will be consistent, and they will be well-equipped in terms of property, buildings, and sports facilities. The pupils are not required to board, but they are expected to follow a 10-hour daily regimen for engaging them in various academic and extracurricular activities, according to officials. They stated that the schools should adhere to a standard common uniform that will be specified by the Sainik School Society. "It is envisaged that combining the Sainik Schools education system with normal board plus curriculum will produce academically strong, physically healthy, culturally aware, cognitively capable, and skilful youngsters," a source stated. According to officials, the Sainik School Society will grant affiliation to interested private and government schools based on specified academic and infrastructure standards.


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