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In a post-Covid world, is a master's degree in data science abroad worth it?

In India right now, there is a strong demand for trained data science professionals. But after Covid-19, will a master's degree abroad help? If you should go for it is explained by a Stanford alumnus.

Data Science has been one of the most popular options in recent times among students applying for graduate studies. The key factors why thousands of students have pursued degrees abroad are high starting salaries in the six-figure range (> $ 100,000) after completing a master's degree from a good university and a lack of data scientists.

And long after the Covid-19 pandemic is over, we expect this pattern to continue. The pandemic has, if anything, underlined the value of data science and analytics in disaster management and has accelerated the adoption of data-driven decision-making across industries.

In the management of Covid-19, data science plays a key role.

Data scientists were at the forefront of the fight during Covid-19, working hand-in-hand with the healthcare industry to track and forecast the spread of the virus, analyze symptoms and determine patient risk.In the vaccine development process, and care protocol innovations, predictive analytics that operate on machine learning and deep learning are driving critical decision-making. And these are only a couple of the many ways we have been supported through the pandemic by data science.

The main role that data will continue to play in the future to avoid such incidents has been realized by governments. Many other sectors, apart from healthcare, often depend on data scientists to assist with rehabilitation, return to work initiatives, and secure future business operations.


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