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India To Get 8 New Flying Training Academies

The Airports Authority of India's (AAI) liberalised Flying Training Organization (FTO) policy would result in the establishment of eight new flying training academies in India, according to the Ministry of Civil Aviation. Five airports across the country will host these academies: Belagavi and Kalaburagi in Karnataka, Jalgaon in Maharashtra, Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh, and Lilabari in Assam.

The establishment of these new schools is intended to make India a "global flying training centre" and to deter Indian cadets from seeking instruction at foreign academies, according to the statement. According to the government, these FTAs will also cater to the flying training needs of cadets from neighbouring nations. The Civil Aviation Ministry praised the AAI for effectively managing the bidding process for setting up the FTAs during the Covid-19 crisis, saying the five airports were carefully chosen to provide “minimal disruption” due to weather concerns and civil and military flight traffic.

“Under the Atmannirbhar Bharat initiative, this programme will assist the Indian aviation training sector in becoming more self-sustaining,” according to a ministry statement.

According to the ministry, the Airports Authority of India had requested bids for the eight FTAs in November 2020. "The successful bidders: Asia-Pacific, Jetserve, Redbird, Samvardhane, and Skynex received award letters on May 31, 2021," the ministry stated in a statement.

The AAI sought bids for these academies based on their familiarity with aviation safety issues, regulatory systems, experience in the field of educating pilots on manned aircraft, and the availability of e-learning.


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