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Jamia Millia Islamia launches Master in Design

From the current academic session, Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) has offered a Master in Design (MDes) course. The new course will be taught through the university's Department of Design and Innovation, which will be a whole new department.

The department will first give MDes to its students, but there are plans to expand to graduate studies and research degrees in the future. Product Design, Interaction Design, and Communication Design are the current areas of focus for the department. The idea for establishing a new department stems from the need to provide students with hands-on learning opportunities while simultaneously preparing them for future employment opportunities in India. The department and the new course have been inaugurated with two core priorities: 1. Inculcating a culture and practice of critical design thinking in the workers of tomorrow. 2. Building future leaders and entrepreneurs having a strong foundation in design innovation with abilities to undertake research and translate new ideas into tangible actions.

"Over the last hundred years, Jamia has become a leader in providing accessible and affordable quality education emerging as one of the most progressive educational institutions in India." said Najma Akhtar, vice-chancellor, JMI

In his address, Professor Farhat Basir Khan, who led the establishment of the department, emphasized, “The department has been established to creatively address the growing demand for design professionals & innovators in the country; the Design professionals who can build and create a business with purpose and address this wide gap; the Design professionals who can think on their feet and come up with out-of-the-box creative solutions well suited to a country of 1.4 billion people with vast inequalities”.


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