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Key lessons for your kids from Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Here are lessons youngsters can learn from Guru Nanak Dev Ji that would be highly beneficial to them in their formative years:

Truth and integrity triumph over all else.

One of the best habits your child can learn is to always be honest. As a parent, it's your responsibility to assist your child in developing good habits. The teachings of Guru Nanak Ji can be helpful when trying to instil moral principles in young minds. His teachings claim that the only way to experience true happiness is to live a completely honest and truthful life.

Brotherhood and equality go hand in hand

The Sikh religion places a strong emphasis on advancing equality. To demonstrate to your children that true riches only comes from working selflessly and for the good of others, mention how Gurudwaras are open to all at all times. Children learn the importance of giving without expecting a reward when they provide a helpful hand to others. They also learn the importance of equality and the value of hard effort. You might also take them to a Gurudwara so they can experience it firsthand.

To avoid doing bad things in life

The teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji state that any form of evil temperament—ego, rage, greed, attachment, and lust—must be immediately extinguished in order to improve the soul and the mind. These concepts must be taught to children at a young age if they are to live moral and upright lives.

See or hear no discrimination

Guru Nanak Dev supported equality for all people and was opposed to all forms of discrimination. He held a society devoid of all differences in high regard and wished for his followers to hold the same views. The same ideas should be taught to your children by you as their parents, and you should try to nurture them in a world without prejudice of any type. They will become more tolerant and loving toward everyone around them as a result.


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