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Manish Sisodia Launches Mobile Music Classroom, Recording Studio

Manish Sisodia, the Deputy Chief Minister, launched a mobile music classroom and recording studio on Saturday to help pupils in Delhi government schools pursue their passion for music. The Delhi government claims it is India's first 'Mobile Music Bus,' with the goal of providing youngsters with a media-based curriculum, including audio and film production, to help them develop long-term professions in these sectors.

According to an official release, the project would likely help 5,000 children. Children would no longer need to go out to learn music, according to Mr Sisodia, who also holds the education ministry. Instead, music will come to them.

"The 'Music Bus' would reach out to all children, find their artistic love, and provide a foundation on which the School of Specialized Excellence would grow, assisting these children in pursuing their passion and reaching the pinnacles of achievement in that field," he said in a statement.

Under this project, a bus has been transformed into a moving music class, a high-quality music recording studio and a performing stage, the statement said.

This 'Mobile Music Bus' will reach 5,000 children from government schools as well as low-income communities in Delhi to enable learning through music through regular workshops conducted by trained facilitators, it said.

The 'Music Bus Studio' is also equipped with a Smart TV which will be used to share digital educational music videos on issues related to social-emotional health and well-being, it said.

The studio is armed with sufficient power back up to run seamlessly for at least eight hours even without electricity.

The concept of this bus was introduced by Manzil Mystics, a group of children studying in Delhi government schools and it is funded by SBI Card under CSR, it mentioned.

The 'Music Bus Project' will organize music workshops once a week and monthly happy circles for the betterment of their social and emotional health, and to provide exposure to stage performances that would benefit maximum children.

"The objective of this project is to train the children of low-income groups through a media-based curriculum which includes audio production, graphic designing and film production to help them build sustainable careers in these fields," the statement said.

Mr Sisodia said every family expects their child to have some artistic talent, but when the child wants to make that art his passion, they are advised to pay more attention to studies.

"The Delhi government started the School of Specialized Excellence so that they can focus on their passion from a young age and develop it. The performing and visual arts domain of the School of Specialized Excellence will ensure that for an artist, art is their education," he said.


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