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NIFT 2022 – Tips to crack (Online exam): Hear it from the experts

This is the first time the test is online.

1) Get your laptop checked at a store before the exams

2) Check the version if need be upgrade the version for better quality

The main purpose of NIFT exam is to test candidate's creative and imaginative skills. Improve your observation and visualization skills.

The most important skill that one can work on is learn drawing and sketching. “You don’t need to be an artist but learning a little bit of drawing can go a long way in becoming a fashion designer. Whatever creative thought goes in your mind, one should be able to translate it into the paper. Therefore, drawing becomes the most essential tool” says Dhruv Mishra, BRDS, NIFT Coaching Expert

Most important tips

1) Perspective

2) Human figure anatomy

3) Practice is very important

4) Try to maintain your genuineness, don’t indulge in cheating lest you may get debarred.

5) Give importance to detailing where ever required, like the face of a human figure ,compositions and grid collages

6) Prepare your Posters carefully

7) Try to master the skills of human illustration. Concentrate more in proportions, form etc.

8) Calligraphy skills come handy in posters, banner design, etc. Learn and practice different styles of lettering as they can come handy.

9) Stick to the prescribed syllabus of the NIFT entrance exam.

10) While sketching first make a light sketch and later darken the drawing once you are confident about it. This helps you save time erasing mistakes

A key component for the preparation for any exam is understanding the paper pattern and style. .

The entrance test consists of two main components: Creative Aptitude Test and

1)General Aptitude Test.

The General Aptitude Test consists of objective type questions with one mark for every correct answer and negative marks of 0.25 for each incorrect answer.

2)Creative Aptitude Test:

Usually the paper consists of 3 questions with 3 hour duration. The test focuses on judging intuition skill, power of observation, innovation in development of a concept and design ability of the candidate. An important aspect of the test is the creative and innovative use of colour and illustration observation.

Development of a concept and design ability of the candidate. An important aspect of the test is the creative and innovative use of colour and illustration skills.

Crash Course for NIFT

Enrol for Online crash Course in BRDS. One can easily by going through BRDS website.

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