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Schools reopen from 12th June in Haryana

Haryana state government has decided to reopen the schools in the state from June 1, 2021, onwards. The Haryana state government will be reopening the schools for the students from class 9 to 12. The government had earlier extended the summer vacations for the schools in the state due to the COVID-19 pandemic until May 31, 2021. The schools are allowed to reopen under the guidelines issued by the Haryana state government.

The orders related to the reopening of the schools in the district have been sent to the Directorate of Education and District Education Offices across the state which is to send School wise data of student infrastructure including a number of bench rooms in the schools.

With the COVID-19 cases reducing in every district of Haryana the Directorate of Education has decided to reopen the schools from June 1, 2021, onwards.

Under the guidelines issued only a single student is allowed to sit on a bench and all the schools are required to follow the COVID-19 instructions released by the Directorate of Education.

As per reports, along with the new rule issued of a single student on a bench, all the other COVID-19 instructions will be applicable including marks, hand sanitizers, social distancing, etc. These directives are being made mandatory for the schools which will be reopening from June 1, 2021, for the students from class 9 to 12.

Haryana state Education Minister earlier announced that the Haryana Board of Secondary Education will be conducting the class 12 board exams from June 15, 2021, while the class 10 exams were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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