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Textile Management - Courses, Colleges and Careers

After agriculture, the textile industry is India's largest industry, employing millions of people. A large population with a diverse community broadens the reach of the country's textile industry.

Fashion merchandising and architecture are often combined with the textile industry. The Textile Management Program's mission is to teach students how to work with clothing materials and to empower them to create magic with them.

Due to ethnic diversity and cultural multiplicity in India's hinterland, as well as racial traces, a number of styles and costumes and apparels are used, enriching the design possibilities of Indian textile garments.

Career Scope and Job Prospects in Textile Management

Employment opportunities in Textile Management include,

  1. Plant or Corporate Management

  2. Technical Sales

  3. Industrial Engineering

  4. Product Development

  5. Marketing

  6. Customer Relations

  7. Human Resources

  8. Cost and Inventory Control

Many textile students aspire to be textile manufacturers or other business owners who specialise in textile manufacturing, so a degree in textile management may be awarded as a business administration degree. Since these jobs require some business knowledge, students studying textile management will usually take at least a few business courses. Textile marketing is another popular area in the textile industry, with responsibilities that include researching the apparel market, engaging in hands-on research initiatives, designing products, and coordinating sales efforts with clothing stores. Students who are involved in this field of the textile industry will concentrate on marketing courses and learn how to apply public relations concepts quickly.

Top Colleges/Institutes for Textile Management

No. College/Institute

1 Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Textile Management - Tamil Nadu

2 Indian Management School and Research Centre - Mumbai

3 Institute of Business Management Studies - Mumbai

4 National Institute of Retail Management - Bangalore5Athos College of Management - Pune


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