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The satellite launch would include a government school in Bengaluru, according to Karnataka's Deputy

Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister C N Ashwath Narayan announced on Thursday that the government boys high school in Malleshwaram will become the country's first state-run school to participate in a satellite launch programme. "As part of the 75th independence day festivities, which will be place next year, the pupils of the Malleshwaram school will be involved in a programme of launching 75 satellites," said Mr Narayan, a Malleshwaram MLA.

Typically, such projects involve engineering college students. Now, with the cooperation of the Indian Technological Congress Association and ISRO, this will be accomplished in a government high school," his office said in a statement.

He stated that the satellite will be designed and built at the school with the help of students from a few other government schools. Mr Narayan added that while there has been an increase in enrolment in some government schools in recent days, the quality of teaching-learning is more important than the numbers. In terms of quality, government educational institutions should compete with private universities.

The DCM, who hold higher education ministries, said that 65 percent of students in government and assisted institutions have been immunised as part of the immunisation drive. Vandita Sharma, the vaccine in-charge officer, and Kumar Naik, the Department of Higher Education's Additional Chief Secretary, are collaborating with District Commissioners and all other stakeholders.


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