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Why Design as a Career option

Designers are becoming increasingly important to the success of every business in today's society when practically everything – from furniture to cars – requires design.

Many students choose Design Studies as a bachelor's or master's degree because of the diverse applications of design across industries. Design graduates frequently become specialists and experts or venture into the sphere of entrepreneurship by establishing their studios. Designers must utilize their ideas to take a corporation from its "existing" state to its "preferred" state, which necessitates creativity. In an age when innovation is at the forefront, a designer's role is to function as a catalyst for change at every step of a product's or company's life cycle.

Designers always leave a distinct fingerprint

Any product or service gains a brand identity through design. What would Google be like if it didn't have its logo? The graphic designer creates a company's identity by employing mnemonics and fascinating visuals to make it memorable enough to stick in the minds of customers.

When you come into a well-designed home, you are immediately filled with positive emotions and a sense of well-being. Everything we see and experience today is the result of designers' efforts, including architecture. As a result, its significance in the modern era is difficult to dispute.

An industrial designer working with furniture develops products and artifacts that appeal to the senses, similar to how a graphic designer creates a company's brand. A web designer, on the other hand, builds a brand's online identity, which involves originality, expertise, perception, and knowledge of online traffic.

Imaginative expansion to broaden horizons

Designers are capable of conceiving how to extend enterprises, colonies, and even countries through time, not just with products or signs. The ingenuity necessary to develop or create a brand identity frequently comes from a mind capable of innovating at a higher level. As a result, the majority of design schools throughout the world offer a holistic education that can be applied to a variety of sectors without prejudice, fostering ingenuity and innovation.

With retail and gaming becoming increasingly popular, education in game design and retail space has grown in popularity. Whether you're looking at spaces and products in your home or a large retail outlet (mall, commercial office space), it's evident that design has become vital in our world today. Similarly, the mobile gaming business is exploding, and designers are needed to give the games a greater significance.

Dedication to design

Automobile design is being offered by a few institutes as part of their curriculum. 'Design commitment' is ingrained in the DNA of several car companies, including Audi. Audi's designers are always challenging traditional thinking as they anticipate future transportation.

Frameworks for creativity

Designers are taught the design process as part of their training, and they eventually apply it instinctively to various challenges. Fashion design, for example, aids the designer in comprehending the environment, conceiving and empathising with the user prior to putting the design on paper and selecting fabrics, colours, and surface ornamentation to give wings to his or her ideas. In offices, interior design focuses on a brand's identity and helps to create an environment where employees organically and subliminally pick up on the brand's message, assisting in the dissemination of the firm's basic values.

Designers' role in AI, IoT, and Machine Learning

AI is a buzzword that is fast transforming the way businesses function since it allows a massive amount of data to be analysed for speed, efficiency, and answers. Designers will not be replaced as a result of this development. Designers, on the other hand, will be able to create faster and more meaningful designs and solutions thanks to AI. As a result, some experts regard AI as 'augmented' intelligence, which will not replace 'human' intellect but rather increase efficiency. Designers assist businesses in developing useful AI systems. AI demo designers and product designers are also used by companies to create one-page product briefs with a set of visuals to illustrate ideas for companies to present and enhance their AI capabilities.

In the world of the Internet of Things (IoT), designing the user experience is also a rapidly growing field. IoT mixes physical and digital components to collect data from physical devices and provide companies with actionable insights. These components must be created, necessitating the hiring of professional designers.

As a result, designs are intrinsic and essential in today's environment, regardless of the field. Parents should absolutely encourage children with vivid imaginations and creativity to pursue this as a career option.

(Prof Gaurav Mandal is a fashion activist and a recipient of two national awards)


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