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Yogi Government To Launch ‘Happiness Curriculum’ In Primary Schools

According to officials, preparations are on to introduce the 'happy curriculum' in elementary schools in Uttar Pradesh as part of a pilot project to make kids more sensitive to nature, society, and the country, similar to what has been done in Chhattisgarh and Delhi.

Saurabh Malviya, the state in-charge (happy curriculum), who was in town for a six-day workshop at the State Institute of Educational Management and Training, told that the course is being built with Uttar Pradesh's geographical and cultural factors in mind.

Students in grades 1 through 8 will be introduced to the happiness curriculum. They will be able to connect with themselves, their families, society, nature, and the country as a result of it. It would also assist them in comprehending interrelationships, according to Mr Malviya, who also stated that the children will be taught meditation.

150 schools in 15 districts have been asked to work on the curriculum as part of the pilot project. For the youngsters in Classes 1 to 5, five books will be developed. According to him, the subject matter of the curriculum is being produced in this sequence by organising a workshop of 32 teachers.

Shravan Shukla, who participated in the workshop as a trainer, said preparations are on to implement the course from the next session starting in April 2022. Mr Shukla informed there are 1,30,000 primary schools in Uttar Pradesh where seven lakh teachers are employed. Based on the evaluation of the pilot project, the state government may consider implementing the happiness curriculum in all schools, he said.


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