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In the light of a steadily expanding horizon of the Indian education sector and entrepreneurial need to have skilled workforce, the Education India has come into existence with a vision to mentor seekers of knowledge for the real professional world. 


Existing as an e-magazine, Education India aims to evolve as a platform to collect pearls of wisdom and hard-earned knowledge of professionals along with latest information about the real path to take on various steps of achieving professionalism. 


The mission is to shape up a big pool of smart and innovative professionals through an easy to understand knowledge platform.


Launched by a group of highly enthusiastic, innovative and futuristic young NIFTIANS, this magazine has tried to take knowledge out of the realm of expensive printed fashion books, magazines, or resource guides. For the ease of exploring knowledge anytime, anywhere, the e-magazine exists as a web portal format for all. 


The e-magazine touches upon various key aspects such as fashion trends, designers, education, personality development, research, interviews, illustrators, job hunters, the corporate who promote fashion, art and culture. All this will cater to the needs of students searching for real guidance to become designers.


It has been developed as a one platform that connects designers-artisans-corporate- and the students. Besides, it also connects designers from different parts of the cities, towns, villages nationally and internationally as a big canvas illustrating fashion in a real way.

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