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Exam Date, Eligibility Criteria, and Paper Pattern for SRMJEEE 2021

The SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRMJEEE 2021) will take place in the third to final week of June. Because CBSE board exams will end on June 10 and JEE Advanced will begin on July 3, SRMJEEE will take place between the two exams. “Things may change due to COVID-19, depending on the situation,” Sandeep Sancheti, Vice-Chancellor of SRM Institute, remarked. Then we'll make a phone call. For the time being, SRMJEEE will be held as planned.”

SRMJEEE is the only way for Indian candidates to get into B.Tech programmes, and SRM scholarships are based on these scores. Priority would be given to JEE Main applicants up to a particular rank for seats that remain open after admissions through SRMJEEE 2021. SAT scores are heavily weighted in engineering admissions at SRM, especially for NRI and international candidates. It should be mentioned that the top 1000 JEE Main rank holders are guaranteed admission to SRM University.

“Considering Class 12 marks as an exclusive mechanism would not be present in the plan unless the scenario pushes us,” Dr Sancheti remarked when asked if Class 12 marks be given weightage in SRMJEEE 2021. The reason for this is because board results are not always accurate, and some boards do not reveal the details of the marks that will be used for normalisation. Although Class 12 marks were allowed for SRM IST admissions in the 2020 session, we are not in favour of it for the reasons stated.”

SRMIST Exam Pattern

The SRMJEEE syllabus has been adjusted to reflect the CBSE and most state boards' lowering of the Class 12 Board syllabus, as the SRMJEEE 2021 examination is only focused on topics learned up to Class 12. Following the rules, the syllabus for SRMJEEE 2021 has already been cut by 30% and will be accessible on the official website.

SRMIST Online Classes

The pupils are expected to be familiar with the topics covered in Class 12 as part of the curriculum. While a 30% syllabus reduction has been discussed, there is no excuse for not knowing or learning the other 70% of the syllabus. “We acknowledge that the online and offline modes differ slightly. However, I believe that the degree of knowledge that students may obtain in the online mode is significantly more accessible, assuming that they are interested, and we are looking for such individuals. “One should not rely on the classroom because teaching is a small idea whereas learning is enormous, and students should try to do better despite changing circumstances,” Dr Sancheti stated.

SRMIST Placements

COVID-19 has had no impact on the placements at SRM University. By now, the pupils have received nearly 5000 offers, with four months remaining. The varsity received 8,600 placement offers last year. “One element that may account for the disparity in the data is that roughly 17000 students graduated last year; however, in the current batch, 15000 students will graduate,” Dr. Sancheti explained.


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