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Google introduces 50 new features for students and educators

Google has introduced over 50 new features across its education products, to enable a more effective learning and teaching experience for students and teachers. It also announced the next era of GSuite for Education, more robust security tools for teaching and learning, as well as new capabilities for Google Classroom and Google Meet.

Google also announced that the ‘Teach from Anywhere’ hub launched in April last year is now available in eight Indian languages.

They are bringing many new helpful features to Google Classroom and Google Meet. Some of the new features include:

Google Classroom

  • Offline mode: Google is making the Classroom Android app work offline where students will be able to start their work offline, review their assignments, open Drive attachments, and write assignments in Google Docs — all without an internet connection.

  • Improved mobile grading: They are improving how educators can grade in the Classroom Android app. These improvements will make it much easier for instructors to switch between student submissions, grade work while viewing an assignment, and share feedback.

  • Classroom add-ons: Tools forClassroom add-ons like Education Plus or Teaching and Learning Upgrade, will let teachers integrate their favourite third-party EdTech tools and content directly into the Classroom interface, all without any extra log-ins.

Google Meet

  • Multiple moderators: Google Meet will support multiple hosts, making it easier to partner with others helping facilitate the class. All hosts will have access to moderation controls, so they can share the load of managing who can join, controlling who can use the chat or present their screen, and more.

  • End meeting for all: Teachers will have the option to ‘End meeting for all’, so they have complete control, and can prevent students from staying on a call after the teacher has left — including in breakout rooms.

  • Mute all: To make it easier to teach without interruption, educators will be able to easily mute all participants at once, and decide whether students can unmute themselves or not.

These and many other features will be rolling out in the coming months and over the course of this year.


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