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2000 Ukraine-Returned Indian Students To Continue Studies In Uzbekistan

A relocation to institutions in Uzbekistan will allow over 2,000 medical students who returned to India from the war-torn Ukraine to finish their courses there. At an event here on Thursday, the ambassador of Uzbekistan to India, Dilshod Akhatov, gave certain pupils "provisional admission letters."

According to him, demands from "Indian partners" to consider the prospect of moving some of the Indian students who had returned after studying in Ukraine had led to their integration. The need for allocation was really high. Our Indian partners have made several requests and suggestions on the possibility of relocating some of the Indian students who studied in Ukraine to Uzbekistan.

He added that Uzbekistan hopes to become a significant international centre for education. According to B Divya Raj Reddy, Director of NEO Educational Consultancy, about 2,000 Indian medical students will be housed at Uzbekistani institutions.


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