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29 Jadavpur University scientists are listed in Stanford University's database of research

Twenty-nine Jadavpur University scientists in Kolkata have been included in a Stanford University database that rates the top 2% of scientists worldwide based on their research papers. According to a representative of the Jadavpur University Teachers Association, the number of scientists at JU is the greatest of any university in the country.

BHU (24), University of Hyderabad (22), and University of Delhi (21), in that order (18). There are 2,049 names on the list from various universities and institutes across the country. Prof Suranjan Das, Vice-Chancellor of Jadavpur University, told PTI that the inclusion of so many of the university's lecturers in the prominent database was a source of pride for the country and West Bengal in particular.

Scientists from Jadavpur University have earned this award despite the university's lack of access to substantial federal funding. "The Center should think about how JU is conducting scientific research with its restricted financial resources as a state university," Das added.

Prof Chiranjib Bhattacharya, Pro-Vice Chancellor of Jadavpur University, told PTI "It is a testament to our faculty's outstanding academic standards. Jadavpur University is on par with IIT Kharagpur and other prestigious schools, and our professors and scientists are engaged in major scientific research that is recognised around the world."


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