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Ex-Google Launches "Chaabi," Learning Platform Based on WhatsApp, to Revolutionise Upskilling


Introducing the WhatsApp Learning Platform, a revolutionary product from Chaabi that promises to revolutionise blue-collar worker training in India by making upskilling easy to understand and accessible. With AI-Powered Vernacular Content available in over 10 Indian local languages, the platform enhances training accessibility and completion rates through a dynamic gamification approach. The platform developed by Chaabi is notable for its capacity to generate business effect due to its endless customization options for intelligent user enrollment, real-time data analytics, and training design.

An analysis of the market conducted recently found that job advertisements targeting both blue-collar and grey-collar workers have increased by an astonishing 73%. This rise is an obvious indicator of the expanding demand for skilled labour across numerous industries. We conducted a poll and found that 87% of employees found it difficult to learn in English, and some also found it difficult to learn Hindi. We used this information to create Chaabi, AI-powered vernacular Content, which teaches users in the tongues of their choice.

Over 500 million blue-collar workers in India are eager for change, according to Puneet Dhiman, the CEO and founder of, who made this statement during the launch. With WhatsApp, the most widely used app in India, we, as the primary platform, provide the efficient delivery of job-specific training tailored to blue-collar workers. This tactic helps to increase productivity and employability in this important labour sector.

With its innovative approach, chaabi intends to revolutionise the job market and chances for skill development for millions of blue-collar workers across the country. Chaabi is at the forefront of this revolutionary journey, expertly combining WhatsApp's convenience and AI capability.


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