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8-yr-old Delhi boy named 'brightest student in the world'

Advay Misra, an eight-year-old Delhi child who was dubbed one of the world's "brightest students" by John Hopkins University earlier this year, has now placed second in the US National Science Bee 2021 competition.

The National Science Bee is a buzzer-based science competition for individual students that includes questions in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Astronomy, Mathematics, and other scientific subjects.

It includes a written qualifying exam as well as regional and national finals decided by a buzzer.

Advay, a science buff and voracious reader, is currently concentrating on qualifying for the International Geography Bee World Championships and the International History Bee, both of which will be held in Quebec in August of next year.

Misra, who moved to the United States when he was five years old due to his parents' employment commitments, has now returned home and will complete his education in one of Delhi's schools.

"My favourite topic is organic chemistry. Because it's fascinating to see chemicals react. My favourite genres are mysteries and realistic literature "According to Misra.

Misra has also been accepted into Johns Hopkins University's famous Center for Talented Youth (CTY), which boasts alumni such as Mark Zuckerberg, Lady Gaga, Google's founders, Rhodes Scholars, and MacArthur Fellows.


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