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All Languages Given Importance In NEP 2020: Education minister At 'Kashi-Tamil Samagam'

According to Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, all languages have been given importance in the National Education Policy. As a result, a month-long "Kashi- Tamil Samagam" is being held here, where approximately 25,00 people from Tamil Nadu will travel in order to learn about the history and significance of Kashi.

"The National Education Policy places focus on all languages (2020). A month-long Kashi-Tamil Samagam is being held in Kashi as a result of the awareness of this significance. In this month-long event, up to 2,500 participants in 12 groups from three centres in Tamil Nadu are being invited to Kashi who will comprehend the culture of Kashi and its significance, "At a news conference held here, the Union minister said.

Pradhan also assessed the preparations being made for the Kashi-Tamil Samagam, which his department would host from November 17 to December 18, and he gave the authorities the appropriate instructions. Academic exchanges between experts and scholars on many facets of these two ancient manifestations of Indian culture will be organised throughout the one-month programme, he said.

According to Pradhan, the emphasis would be on highlighting the connections and common values amongst them. The goal, he said, is to develop the inter-regional relationships between the peoples of these two regions while bringing these two traditions of knowledge and culture closer together.


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