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Apple CEO Tim Cook lauds 40 students for capturing India thru iPhone

Forty high school students from Tamil Nadu were praised by Apple CEO Tim Cook. He has tweeted about these 40 students from Tamil Nadu who captured stunning photos using an iPhone 13 Mini. The photos are being showcased at the Egmore Museum. The students were invited to document Tamil Nadu's heritage, both natural and man-made, over the last few months.

The organisers have urged people to visit the exhibition and experience Tamil Nadu through the lenses of the student artists. The last day to pay a visit is April 17.

The Apple boss added that the students have captured the “vibrance of their communities”. The photographs, covering a wide range of topics, have been selected for the exhibition titled “A Land of Stories”.

“Forty high school students from Tamil Nadu, India, captured the vibrance of their communities on iPhone 13 mini. Now, their work is featured in the student showcase at the historic Egmore Museum for the Chennai Photo Biennale,” wrote Mr Cook on Twitter. The note came along with a set of two pictures clicked by the students. He has also added the signature hashtag, “Shot On iPhone”, to the post.the exhibition portrayed Tamil Nadu and its stories through the lenses of these young artists. “Tamil Nadu is a land of endless stories. With all the diverse people, food, architecture, landscapes, and cultural trails it has, exploring Tamil Nadu through pictures is a great way to reflect its richness,” a note on the official website read.

At the exhibition, the unfiltered vision of the students, and the endless stories of Tamil Nadu, come together to strike a compelling narrative with the viewer, added the organisers.


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