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Author Ruskin Bond to mentor budding writers

India's celebrated author Ruskin Bond will be sharing

insights and techniques on story-building and writing for aspiring writers at Unluclass, a learning and entertainment platform“I feel this class is equally important for children as well as budding writers who could benefit from my experience on the art of weaving words to hook the readers,” says Bond. “It really does not matter which field one belongs to but the art of writing is one thing that everyone wants to excel at and who else than Ruskin Sir himself can be a better mentor for this,” shares Vipul Agrawal, co-founder Unlu. The recent announcements have led to pre-registrations of almost 10k+ users. The initiative that has been offering B2C and B2B services through celebrity engagements is the brainchild of Vipul Agrawal, Himanshu Periwal, Akshay Pruthi and Anurag Dalia. With one class every week, reputed instructors are selected from various fields such as comedy, music, writing, design, photography, fashion, film and TV, sports, entrepreneurship, lifestyle etc to mentor enthusiasts in these areas. “Through Unluclass we wish to provide learning and entertainment combined together to everyone at the comfort of their place,” shares Unlu co-founder, Himanshu Periwal.


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