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Auto Driver's Son Fights All Odds to Becomes India's Youngest IAS

Each year, millions of applicants sit for the tests after years of careful preparation, but only a small number are ultimately picked. Candidates for the UPSC can only succeed in clearing the prestigious exam with a strategic combination of diligence, direction, and determination. One such tale concerns Ansar Shaikh, who made history in 2016 by becoming the IAS at the age of 21. In his first attempt, he received an All India Rank of 361 for the UPSC 2016.

Yonus Sheikh Ahmad, Ansar Shaikh's father, was an autorickshaw driver in Marathwada, Maharashtra. His mother has worked on the farm before. Ansar Shaikh grew up in a family that endured a lot of adversity. In order to help support the family after dropping out of school in class 7, his younger brother took a job in a garage and helped Ansar prepare for the UPSC test. Ansar Shaikh's early years were nothing short of difficult. Nevertheless, despite all of these obstacles, Ansar put forth a lot of effort to succeed.

Ansar, a Fergusson College political science graduate from Pune, had acknowledged that he has encountered discrimination while looking for PG. He was unable to get accommodations, so he was forced to change his name.

Despite all the odds, Ansar never strayed from his goal. Instead of following in his father's footsteps, Ansar made history by taking a different route. When one takes into account the fact that his family did not place a high emphasis on education, his success is even more remarkable. West Bengal is where Ansar Shaikh is now assigned.


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