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Banaras Hindu University Scientists become Part Of Global Research Team To Study Venus

The Department of Geology at Banaras Hindu University is conducting study on the planet Venus. According to a university release, the team is undertaking their research by geologically scanning the surface for diverse magmatic units such as volcanic flows and dykes, tectonic units such as significant rift zones, and their links to mantle plumes. Scientists are also evaluating the climate impact of volcanic activity.

The International Venus Research Group, which includes teams from Canada, the United States, Russia, Morocco, and India, is doing research on Venus' surface, according to a university statement. Dr. Richard Ernst of Tomsk State University in Russia leads the global research team, which is co-led by Dr. Hafida El Bilali of Carleton University in Canada and Dr. James Head of Carleton University (Brown University, USA).

Professor Rajesh K Srivastava leads the Indian BHU team, with Dr Ernst and Dr El Bilali providing scientific support. According to the institution, the other members of the BHU team are Dr. Amiya Kumar Samal (assistant professor) and two PhD students, Harshita Singh and Twinkle Chaddha. BHU intends to boost student involvement in the initiative.


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