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Career as a Principal Private Secretary in Government Sector

Ms. Anita Sehgal has a long journey of 40 years working with the Government of India. Here, in this chat with Education India, she enumerated the duties of a Senior PPS and also enlightens the students who are preparing for the exams for the post of the PPS.

The duties of a Private Secretary/Personal Assistant/Stenographer include taking dictation in shorthand and its transcription; fixing up appointments, attending telephone calls and to the visitors in a graceful manner; keeping an accurate list of engagements, meetings, etc; keeping a note of movements of

Qualifications of the Private Secretary:

1. He/She must have sound education.

2. He should have a high standard of general knowledge and be well-informed on current affairs.

3. He should have a thorough knowledge of trade or profession.

4. He must have good knowledge of English— both written and spoken. He has to make corre­spondence, write reports, minutes etc. in English.

5. He must have good communication skills. The secretary has to explain a lot to other persons.

6. He must have a dynamic personality and pleasing behaviour.

7. He should have a sharp memory and must be hard-working.

8. He should have knowledge of office organi­sation, procedures and rules.

9. He should have knowledge of shorthand and typing, fax and computers, e-mails and intranet as also internet.

10. He should have knowledge of accounts. files.

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