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Career as Graphic Production Artist

In the creative industry, graphic production artist is a professional job description that encompasses advertisement, film, video and photography, computer games, print and electronic publishing. The department that manages graphic design operates in two separate fields, development and production. In order to produce the final product, a graphic designer conveys the concept provided by the client through visual effects, whereas a graphic production artist uses technical and computer expertise to fulfill the requirements of the client.

Educational qualifications for a graphic production artist

It is important to have a basic understanding of graphic design to become a graphic production artist. In graphic design, applicants can receive a diploma or a bachelor's degree. Normally, the higher senior secondary school certificate exam is the minimum educational standard for these courses. Diploma courses address the core concepts of graphic design and design technical execution. Degree courses can be more useful because, along with principles in graphic design, they can allow applicants to develop more advanced technical skills.

Skills required by a production artist

Your work will require intensive use of numerous software resources as a graphic design artist to produce graphic images ready for commercial printing and publishing. Expertise in graphic design applications such as Adobe Photoshop or QuarkXPress (image editing), InDesign (page layout), Adobe Illustrator (drawing), and Adobe Acrobat (PDF editing) is very important. Preflighting can include regular work. Resizing, testing color mode and image resolution, and changing images in order to enhance output quality. Technology and technologies used in the graphics industry are constantly evolving and updating to newer versions. It is therefore important for a graphic production artist to keep up to date with the latest developments in technology and industry.

Internships can prove valuable as they can give you experience and insight into the workings of the business on the job. As a credit requirement of the degree programme, some colleges can need internship experience. You can get an advantage over other applicants by exploring certification courses in graphic software applications. Although qualification is not always necessary, your area of expertise should be conveyed to prospective employers. For example, in Photoshop or other advanced software, certification as an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) will demonstrate proficiency with such products. You need to pass the requisite exams to become an ACE. Equally essential qualities are the willingness to function as a team and under pressure.

Career prospects for graphic production artists

In order to produce an end product, graphic production artists, also referred to as production artists or print production artists, are expected to work with specialist computer software. They should be able to work closely with a designer, take directions and produce a final layout, and should have an understanding of scale, color and layout. As that part will be taken care of by designers, the job does not give you enough space for imagination, but usually production artists are the last to work on a file before release. In other words, to check final templates for accuracy, you will be expected to operate in predetermined formats and under guidelines. A production artist can be expected to work and solve problems under tight deadlines.

A production artist may be employed by:

  • Advertising agencies

  • In-house art departments

  • Corporate houses operating in printing and publishing

  • Film industry

  • Web design companies

  • Newspapers

  • Magazines

Artists of production used to be print media exclusive, but now they are also required in advertising, the fashion industry, and electronic media.

Employment and salary outlook

The majority of businesses hire practitioners with a minimum of one year of experience. Candidates with no experience will also be initially hired as assistants. With ample experience, as production artists or art directors, entry-level candidates will step up the career path.

According to, the average wage for a new graduate may be anywhere between 1.6 lakh to 2.5 lakh rupees. A higher pay could be possible with more experience.


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