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Career in Agricultural Economics

This field attempts to forecast demand patterns for agro-products by applying economic concepts to the agricultural industry. The field's resource allocation and investment strategies are taught. Trade trends, weather, machinery, customer tastes, and manufacturing methods are all monitored as part of the job. Professionals typically have a Master's degree, and if they have experience in a particular field, they might have a Ph.D.

Eligibility Criteria for Agricultural Economics Courses

A Bachelor's degree is required for Master's level courses (2 years full time), and a Master's degree is required for Ph.D. applicants.

Agricultural Economics Career Prospects

As far as entrepreneurship and small business management are concerned, As a manager in a family or other small company, you will become your own boss.

Agribusiness Administration Adapt and apply standard management and testing methods to agro-products manufacturing and distribution businesses:

Public Service: Similar to agribusiness management, but done through a government agency, with a focus on agriculture and conservation. State agencies have a wider variety of job opportunities than federal agencies.

Veterinary Management: A sideways entrance into the industry, it entails coping with the welfare of farm animals. Students will take courses to become qualified for veterinary medicine and then open a practise after the programme is completed.

Finance and Appraisal: Project and property appraisals, investment evolutions, and loan approval in commercial and agricultural banks are all examples of finance and appraisal.

Farm Business Management: Agriculture economics career opportunities aren't limited to working as specialised consultants in farm business management. You have the choice of working on your own farm or as part of an integrated agricultural company.

International Agriculture and Development: Many foreign prospects for a career in agriculture economics have arisen as a result of two factors: the growth of multinational corporations and the help provided to developing countries. The work is similar to that done in the previous regions, but the scale is far broader.

Agricultural Economics in Indian Universities

  • University of Allahabad,

  • Faculty of Animal Husbandry,

  • Allahabad 211002

  • Indian Agricultural Research Institute

  • University of Agricultural Sciences

Agricultural Economics in Foreign Universities

  • Mcgill University, (Quebec)

  • Founded in 1821. 80 acre urban campus.

  • Nova Scotia Agricultural College, (Nova Scotia)

  • Founded in 1905. 408 acresmall town campus.

  • UniversiteLaval, (Quebec)

  • Founded in 1852. 465 acre urban campus.

  • Noteworthy research facility.

  • University of Alberta,(Alberta)

  • Founded in 1906. 154 acre urban campus.

  • Noteworthy Research facility.

  • University Of Guelph,(Ontario)

  • Founded in 1964. 1200 acre suburban campus with easy access to Toronto. Noteworthy research facility.

  • University Of Manitoba,(Manitoba)

  • Founded in 1877. 685 acre suburban campus.

  • University Of Saskatchewan,(Saskatchewan)

  • Founded in 1907. 363 acre urban campus. Noteworthy research facility

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