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CBSE Board Exam 2021: Students, Teachers & Parents Impact and measures

Education India hosted a webinar on A Constructive Dialogue on Deferred XII Board – Impact & Measures.

The eminent panelist in the webinar are Mr. Iqbal Singh who has experience of 39 years of teaching Mathematics to senior secondary students.

Our second panelist is Ms Swati Gaur -A postgraduate in Human Development and childhood studies from the University of Delhi. Ms Swati Gaur is a practicing Special Educator and has experience of over 10 years of working with children with different abilities. She enjoys working with younger kids and truly believes that fun - learning is practically possible.

The third panelist is Ayush Nambiar who is studying in class 12th in Modern School Barakhamba. He is aiming to become a lawyer and he is often seen voicing his opinions on National News Channels.

This webinar is conducted by TheeducationIndia also known as EDIN. Edin is an online educational platform that believes in strengthening Indian education around the social, economic, and cultural aspects and becoming transformative partners for nurturing Indian communities.


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