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Delhi government partners to teach coding in schools

The Delhi government has just formed a relationship with an Edtech firm to offer coding and advanced 21st-century skills to the national capital's schools.

As part of the government's 'Schools of Specialised Excellence' initiative, a cooperation with Camp K12 has been formed (SoSE).As part of the partnership, Camp K12 is building a coding curriculum and providing resource persons who will implement the curriculum on school campuses. In addition, it is providing schools with a comprehensive technology solution that makes advanced technologies accessible and fun for young students.

The programme will begin in January, with a Metaverse / Virtual Reality / 3D game development module. Every participating child will code and publish their own online 3D metaverse that others can jump inside and play with Virtual Reality headsets or normal desktops / mobiles, making these young developers among the youngest and first Metaverse developers in the world.

As part of the programme, students will participate in coding hackathons and inter-school contests, build real-world projects addressing problems in their communities, and have frequent interactions with Industry Experts from Silicon Valley and India.

SoSEs seek to discover, foster, and nurture student ability, thereby enabling them to realise their full potential in specific domains. Students will have the opportunity for experiential learning through projects, field visits, internships, etc in their field of interest.


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