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Drop-in US applications - Indian students prefer Asia-Pacific and Europe for MBA

The United States has become a popular destination to obtain a master's degree for Indian students. Thanks to its outstanding standard of education and job opportunities, the number of Indian students studying in the USA has risen steadily. Although the US remains the top choice for Indian students to pursue science and engineering master's degrees, recent statistics have shown a decline in US MBA applicants.

The survey was conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), which conducts the GMAT qualification test in the United States for MBA admissions. The sample set for this study was 1087 graduate business programs taught at 363 universities.

According to the report, there was a 7 percent decline in MBA applicants from India.

At the same time, the Asia-Pacific region increased by 8.9 percent, Canada increased by 7.7 percent, and Europe increased by 3.2 percent. Although the course is still chosen by the students, the USA is not as popular as it was before. This shows that Indian students are shown to choose Master's in Business from Europe, Asia-Pacific as well as Canada.

The MBA program has several candidates with a master's degree who are working professionals who want to add to their knowledge. As the employment rate for graduate individuals in India is growing, it may not be a top option for Indians to pursue a master's degree by leaving existing jobs.

"Non-US programs continue to generate interest among students, but there is a decrease in US applications as the opportunity cost is higher in the USA," said Sangeet Chowfla, CEO and President of GMAC. This isn't a positive change for the United States, according to experts.


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