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Career as Game Designer

Article by Theeducationindia

Over the last 10 years, the gaming industry has experienced tremendous growth. Such development has prompted numerous foreign animation firms to outsource work to India, with the Indian market hitting the Rs. 1,300 crore mark in 2012. Today, when it comes to different types of gaming, whether console gaming, PC gaming or smartphone gaming, people have plenty of choices to choose from.

For game makers, this has provided more avenues. Game design is the aspect of the gaming field in which the whole idea of a game is electronically brought into existence. You may be expected, as a game designer or game design artist, to formulate what a game consists of and how it works. As a game designer, your duty which include the conceptualization and definition of all the elements of a video game, such as its plot, flow, character and interface design. A game designer can have duties such as designing art, characters and levels, depending on the type of assignment. Computer programming and writing codes may also be involved in the job.

Educational qualifications for a game designer

After completing the higher senior secondary certificate exam (10+2), applicants will typically enroll in a course in game design. Game designers may have a degree in game design or a bachelor's degree in computer science or other similar fields. For this occupation, there is no unique entry level degree, though undergraduate education is typically necessary. Those with an engineering degree may have an advantage over other applicants, since it will have a greater understanding of computer applications' technological aspects. Programs specifically for game design or visual communication, however, are also an alternative. You should carefully review the study programme before enrolling in a course, taking into account the skills usually needed for the gaming industry.

Skills required by game designers

You must have outstanding drawing skills as a prospective game designer. It is equally important to understand programming languages and software programmes, such as 3D Max and Maya. In expressing concepts, both orally and on paper, for which you need fundamental graphic design and drawing skills, game development needs clarification. Typically, game designers work in teams that need strong interpersonality. In order to develop your working skills, you can remain up to date with the new apps and technologies. A candidate's success will rely on a set of skills that should be a combination of talent, technology and imagination.

Career & salary prospects for game designers

A increasing phenomena is the gaming and multimedia industry. Mobile games are a new aspect of the gaming industry, in addition to computer and console gaming, and mobile gaming is a new segment in India. For a game designer, more established roles involve working with game developers or game publishing firms. This can vary from small to large-sized enterprises that manufacture games for other suppliers. According to PayScale, annual national salaries begin at Rs. 121,641. Wages will be higher with a greater degree of experience in the industry, with a range of up to Rs. 1,374,155. For additional experience, it is advisable to do internships during the course of research. As a game tester, one career path towards game design might start and then eventually move on to game design. As employers seek some experience for mid-level positions, this can give a good grounding in the industry and allow insights into various fields.


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