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Govt School Teacher Trains Disabled Girls In Self-Defence To Tackle Attackers

In Rajasthan's Alwar region, a government school teacher is instructing disabled females in self-defence using specialised methods. According to Asha Suman, young girls are more prone to sexual attacks, thus it's critical to train them to defend themselves in the event that such an incident occurs.

Ms. Suman, 40, began instructing girls with various disabilities, particularly vision loss, in 2015. She teaches at a primary school in Kharkhada, Rajgarh in the Alwar region of Rajasthan. She received self-defence instruction from the state police. She did, however, go to Mumbai in 2019 "on my own expenses" to complete specialised training so she could instruct unarmed combat to challenged females.

"Girls with visual impairment are more susceptible to sexual abuse. It was necessary to teach them specialised self-defence tactics as a result, Ms. Suman told PTI.

According to her, this includes instruction in punching, kicking, forward and backward hand motions, and other techniques that give the ladies the confidence they need to face challenges.

Daily tasks like opening doors, brushing their teeth, and climbing stairs are employed as forms of self-defence. Through this strategy, kids pick things up really rapidly and finish their training in about 10 to 12 days, she continued.

Pooja Goswami, who travelled from Jodhpur to join the training camp, claimed that she found learning defence strategies to be extremely simple and that she now feels confident. When Ms. Pooja went out alone, her mother said she was always concerned about her safety, but "now I feel she can protect herself."

Monika, a 12th grader from the Alwar area, declared, "I cannot see, but I can still defend myself. I can defend myself by hitting with my palm if the attacker comes from the front. If the attacker comes from behind, I can attack him with my elbow. I've learnt how to defend myself, she continued.


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