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"I Nominate Him For Teacher Of The Year": Anand Mahindra

Chhattisgarh: Bilaspur students left heartbroken after science teacher's transfer; take out rally

Industrialist Anand Mahindra frequently updates his 9.7 million followers on Twitter with motivational videos and inspirational messages. Today morning the Mahindra Group Chairman again delighted his followers with a heartwarming story about a teacher, who according to him achieved what all noble teachers aspire for.

Mr Mahindra retweeted a media report with the headline, "Bilaspur students left heartbroken after science teacher's transfer; take out rally". In the caption, he wrote that if this story is accurate, then this teacher "appears to have achieved what all noble teachers aspire for: not fame or fortune but the respect and devotion of their students".

The industrialist nominated the gentleman for "Teacher of the year". And he also stated that he is his "Monday Motivation".

"I Nominate Him For Teacher Of The Year": Anand MahindraShared just hours ago, Mr Mahindra's Twitter post has already garnered more than 1,100 likes. Internet users agreed with him and even called the teacher "impactful".

One user wrote, "Very true. Best Teachers are role models for kids to follow and be a great asset to the country." Another added, "Yes personal experience is money is not ultimate fame..It could be a recognition even in a small circle. Yet I respect employment generators like you as well which is not very easy."

A third user shared his own experience with one of his school teachers. "There are many teachers like that Sir. My school headmaster and medical college principal were like that," the user said. "Impactful teacher though! That's how guides should be," commented fourth.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, another tweet by Anand Mahindra had taken the internet by storm. The Mahindra group Chairman shared an interesting idea of a portable marriage hall.

He posted a video showing a portable marriage hall being carried inside a truck. "I'd like to meet the person behind the conception and design of this product. So creative and thoughtful. Not only provides a facility to remote areas but also is eco-friendly since it doesn't take up permanent space in a population-dense country," Mr Mahindra wrote in the caption.


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