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IIT-Delhi to drop JEE for its design course

Students interested in design course may get admission in IIT Delhi appearing for JEE from this year. Students choosing design course must be selected in terms of their creativity, not their analytical skills. IIT Delhi may be thinking of dropping the design course from JEE for IIT Delhi Admissions 2021. This decision may get implemented from this year onward.

“We are considering a different way of selecting students for the design course in IIT Delhi Admissions 2021” said the Director of IIT Delhi to Education India

All the admissions for the Bachelor’s course at IIT Delhi are being made through JEE advanced. Whereas, for the master’s courses, IIT Delhi conduct its independent entrance examination. IIT Delhi has started a master’s program in economics from this academic session. The selection of the candidates for IIT Delhi was made through an independent entrance exam. IIT Delhi also has master courses in cognitive sciences for which they conduct IIT Delhi Admissions 2021 exam.

IIT Delhi has 11000 students studying in various courses. Out of which around 3000 are PhD scholars, and 60% of total students are in master courses.

One such exam is AIEED (All-India Entrance Examination for Design) being held every year. Students may not be judged by their ability in mathematics, physics or chemistry but by their creativity. That’s why Design course likely to be dropped from JEE this year from IIT Delhi Admissions 2021.


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