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IIT Kanpur establishes a centre to help students who are language-challenged.

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur establishes the 'Shivani Centre,' which attempts to assist students with non-English educational backgrounds. The centre focuses on integrating students with backgrounds in Hindi and other Indian languages (OILs).

According to a statement from IIT Kanpur, the newly established Shivani Centre aims to nurture and reintegrate Hindi and other Indian languages, and will ensure the availability of course content in regional languages to overcome the challenge of limited job opportunities at the end of the academic programme. Micky and Vinita Charitable Fund has provided a one-million-dollar contribution to create the centre. Mr Muktesh (Micky) Pant (BT/CH/76) and two other IIT Kanpur alumni are establishing the centre in honour of his late mother Gaura Pant, also known as Shivani, according to an IIT Kanpur release.

Professor Abhay Karandikar, Director of IIT Kanpur, stated of the effort, "It has long been recognised that Indian languages are crucial for educational and cultural growth since they promote justice in education." Students with an Indian language background have difficulty comprehending English-language-based course content, and as a result, they frequently endure academic and social exclusion.”

“On the IIT Kanpur campus, the Shivani Centre is projected to bring about a paradigm shift in educational procedures. It will ensure that students from Hindi and OILs backgrounds are seamlessly integrated into the institute and will help to achieve the goals set out in the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.” Mr. Abhay Karandikar went on to say.

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